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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rival Rendezvous: Paint It Red!

 The needless & boring international friendlies' break is pretty much over, and apart from Wayne Rooney's red card against Montenegro in a Euro 2012 qualifier, there wasn't anything that made headlines over the last few days. But I believe every Manchester United fan is now geared up for the big clash this weekend - yes it's Liverpool vs. Manchester United! So I searched Twitterverse & finally happened to catch up with Sid Alva, who has been an ardent supporter of Liverpool since he started watching the beautiful game. So here goes the first-ever conversation with a Liverpool fan on Rival Rendezvous -

1. First up, what are your thoughts on the game this Saturday?

Sid: Should be one hell of a game as usual. Looking forward to it this time because as much as I hate to admit it, United are in a rich vein of form at the moment which would make a victory for us so much sweeter.

2. Liverpool have made a fairly good start to the season. Do you think their current form will be enough to sustain a challenge for the top four?

S: We haven’t had an ideal start to the season, form wise it’s not been bad but I feel we still have to improve a little bit. We’ve got a lot more depth in our squad now and that is something we’ve not had for some time now, so that is definitely something that would help us because the battle for the top four gets tougher each season and like always it’s going to go down to the wire. Plus we have the added advantage of not having to make long European trips during the week. So I feel we should be able to mount a serious challenge for a spot in the top four.

3. Who do you think deserves most of the credit for Liverpool's surge in recent times - Dalglish, Comolli or FSG?

S: Tough to pick one actually. Kenny is the living embodiment of ‘the Liverpool way’ so there no one better to be in charge. His impact on the team and the way we play is there for everyone to see - right from bringing back ‘pass and move’ to adding quality to the coaching staff in the form of Clarke. Comolli’s done a pretty good job with the transfers so far [both in and out]. FSG are light-years ahead of our previous owners. Financially they’ve put us in a far better situation, they’ve invested quite a bit in new signings and just looking at the way they run the Red Sox, you know that the club is in good hands. So I’d say all 3 have had their part to play in our recent revival.

4. How happy are you with the signings the club has made in the last two transfer windows? Tell us your 3 favourite ones.

S: I don’t think you would be able to find any Liverpool fan that isn’t happy with the signings. Top 3 would be Suarez [the obvious choice], Enrique [cause LB has been a problematic position for us] and my last pick would be Downing [provides that natural width which we haven’t really had in some time].

5. Do Liverpool fans still miss Fernando Torres's once-upon-a-time goalscoring prowess, given Andy Carroll's Anfield career hasn't had the best of starts?

S: Fernando Who? I think Suarez has managed to flush out any residual feelings for Torres from our systems. Andy Carroll hasn’t had the best of starts here but I’m that he will come good and the goals will start rolling in soon.

6. Liverpool's fortunes have certainly changed under Kenny Dalglish. Do you think he can do better than Houllier & Benitez and bring the league title back to Anfield in say, the next couple of seasons?

S: It won’t be an easy task but I certainly think he can after all he’s done it before with us and with Blackburn.

7. Do you agree with the view that Liverpool have a problem of plenty in their midfield?

S: Not really. That was a problem before we offloaded the likes of Meireles, Poulsen, Cole and Aquilani. Right now the size of the midfield is ideal and there is healthy competition for spots which is great for the team.

8. Coming back to the game, who do you think will be the key men for both Liverpool & Manchester United in this game?

S: For Liverpool It would have to be Suarez, Carroll and Lucas. For United I’d say Rooney, Young and Nani.

9. Steven Gerrard is back from injury. Assuming he will indeed start, in what role would you like to see him in Liverpool's midfield against the Red Devils?

S: The wonderful thing about having a player like Gerrard is that he can pretty much play anywhere and still pull of an amazing performance - be it in the center of midfield, behind the striker or even on either side of midfield. For the United game I’d like to see him partnering Lucas in the center of midfield because I think defensively he gives you a little more than Adam does which I think we will need when facing a side like United.

10. Liverpool have had some problems at the back. Who do you prefer as the central defence pairing for the team?

S: I’d have to go with Carragher and Agger as my choice. Carra might be prone to the occasional mistake but no one comes close to his organizational skills, every team needs a leader at the back and Carra is that man. Agger when fit is one of the best ball playing defenders around.

11. Which is the most memorable Liverpool vs. Manchester United encounter you've ever watched?

S: If I was to pick only one it would have to be 1-4 at Old Trafford 2 years ago.

12. What's your probable Liverpool starting lineup for Saturday?

S: I think it should be Reina, Kelly, Carragher, Agger, Enrique, Lucas, Gerrard, Kuyt, Downing, Suarez, Carroll.
 13. On a final note, your scoreline prediction for the game?

S: Hoping for a Liverpool win but I'm going to have to say 2-2.

I thank Sid for talking to Traffordshire County. You can follow him on Twitter @4_ever_red.

You can follow the author on Twitter @AbhinavCJ.

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  1. There's been a lot of talk around our site that Liverpool are going to come out tops on Saturday, but I for one think that this plays perfectly into United's hands. They love entering matches were they think they will be outplayed, and they turn out stirling performances! I called Liverpool 1-3 United. We also did a preview on the game which you can check out at Awesome interview - Cheers @DevinH21