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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Conspiracy Theory: Fergie-Rooney Partners In Crime?

Today in the newspaper, I read an interesting report on the Rooney saga... Former Manchester United goalkeeper Mark Bosnich (now a football commentator with Sky Sports) has come up with a theory that the whole Rooney saga was actually staged... And he claims that it was Sir Alex who's the mastermind behind this!

Bosnich goes on to say that Rooney & Sir Alex are too close to each other to have a fallout in such a public manner... He says that this was an arm-twisting tactic deployed by Sir Alex against the Glazers since he was frustrated by the lack of funds to buy top players... Bosnich believes that when Rooney's statement spoke of the club 'lacking ambition to bring the top players to the club', it was actually Sir Alex saying so...

Again, this was also done to raise the wage structure of the club - for example, how do you justify offering a £180,000 a week contract for Wayne Rooney? By paying John O'shea 80,000 grand a week! This enabled the gaffer not only to give his players a pay rise, but also yielded a promise from the Glazers to spend around £100 million on world-class replacements for Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes & Van der Sar among other players...

One may argue that Rooney spoke publicly of his desire to leave the club... But this theory is fuelled by the report that Rooney told one angry fan while holidaying in Dubai that he 'never intended to leave the club'!

I can't deny that this is only a conspiracy theory, but then if it's true, I believe it's a masterstroke by the wily Scot to get from the miserly Glazers what the club desperately needs at the moment... So anyway, well done Sir Alex!!!

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