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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Antonio Valencia - a key United asset

Antonio Valencia is one of the best wingers in the Premier League, and his return to fitness could have a huge impact on the title race.

The Ecuadorian wide man joined Manchester United from Wigan Athletic some years ago after his displays impressed Sir Alex Ferguson whilst he was on loan from Villarreal CF. Unlike a lot of wingers, Antonio Valencia isn't the most skilful of players. That might be what you expect from a winger as that's certainly what you get from Lionel Messi, Criatiano Ronaldo, Arjen Robben etc. Valencia brings a different kind of threat, however. Those betting Premiership money will know he tore Wolves apart this weekend.

Where Valencia excels is in his acceleration. Wingers are traditionally quick players, as everyone knows, but there are few quicker wingers in the Premier League than Valencia over short distance. Subsequently, defenders may know what Valencia is going to do but there's precious little that they can actually do about it. To make him that bit more dangerous, his delivery is usually fantastic with the South American battler almost always able to pick out a team-mate. Anyone following the Premiership betting odds will know he has what it takes to take apart poor defences.

Another outstanding asset to Valencia's game is his work ethic. This player will run from the start of the game until the end and you'll never see him complaining to his team-mates or giving up in difficult circumstances. Valencia will always track back and help out his full-back or surge forward to assist in attacks.

Valencia is not what you would call a world-class player because he lacks the individual quality to make him one. He is, however, is a world-class team player and in the right team, that really does make him an invaluable asset in both attack and defence.

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