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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Looking Back On 2010: Personal Diaries

Starting off, I'd like to wish the readers of this blog a very Happy New Year 2011! Wherever you may live - in the United States, the United Kingdom or India or anywhere else - may you have a great year ahead...!!!

The last year has been pretty eventful for me in all aspects of my life. Be it my career ambitions, my personal life, my friends... Today, at the start of this new year, I'd just like to take some time off for myself on this blog. If you're reading this, bear with me as I travel back through 2010...

As far as I recall, I started the year with my college board prelims kicking off - just days after the tutorials had loosened their grip on me! Joined Facebook around that time too, and must say that I've made a few wonderful friends since. Also, I got into songwriting at that time (inspired by Noel Gallagher of course!). If you ever become friends on Facebook, you'd probably read some of the stuff I wrote back then!

Time passed, and I got busy with my studies as the board exams approached. Board exams went pretty well, but the surroundings were distracting to say the least - after all, sitting between 2 pretty girls & writing your exam paper can sometimes prove to be the hell of a task!

Exams got over, and the best thing happened. My Mom, who had cut off the connection to ESPN for the last 2 years (no football action on TV or the Internet for 2 whole years!) finally let me get the ESPN-Star Sports channels back on our TV screens. I don't blame her though, for what she did was probably for my own good, as I later found out.

Nevertheless, I had not-so-great moments with the 'Return Of ESPN' last season, with Chelsea (painfully) pipping us by a point to win the league title in May. Heartbroken, I seeked some solace in the FIFA World Cup, but I was to be disappointed yet again. First it was England that crashed out, then the crushing blow came in the final when the Oranjes lost by an extra-time goal to Spain.

Meanwhile, I prepared for a career in Chartered Accountancy besides waiting eagerly (and somewhat fearfully) for my board results. I was not to be disappointed, as I cleared both exams with decent marks. I also learned bit of playing the guitar in the meantime, and picked some skills from my favourite teacher, who hails from Kolkata but (unfortunately for me) was a Chelsea fan!

It was at this time that I broke up with my FRIEND. I liked her more than usual, but I never told her coz she was into some other guy, who was a friend too. So when she came to know about my once-upon-a-time feelings for her, she demanded an explanation which I wasn't able to provide, resulting in us going our separate ways.

The only good thing around that time I recall was Manchester United's win in the Community Shield over Chelsea, with Chicharito scoring in that game too! I had been pretty excited about his arrival at Old Trafford, and I was not disappointed as he has shown us how good he is!

September descended, and I finally turned 18. I got a new cell phone (smartphone - my 3rd in 3 years!) & a new Mahindra Rodeo! More than what I could've asked for anyday...

Then came the last quarter of the year, and with it came moments of self-doubt. Whether I was doing the right thing with my life. I eventually came to the conclusion that life would probably turn out alright, if only I'm gonna trust my instincts all along.

On an ending note, I'd like to tell you guys that I watched 'Inception' last night, and what a brilliant movie! I was totally blown away by the concept, and my mind & heart was racing all through! I'd reckon this one to all, coz it is easily one of the best movies last year & then you'll realize what a fine director Christopher Nolan is!

So that's what I gotta say about 2010. What are your thoughts on the past year & how did it go for you? Feel free to leave your comments below or drop me a line on Twitter @AbhinavCJ & I'll get back atcha right away!

Again, wishing one & all a very Happy New Year 2011!

That's all Folks!


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